Leading the charge for a life lived well.

Through our partnership with Masterpiece Living®, a nationally recognized successful aging initiative, Beacon Hill residents find abundant wellness opportunities at their fingertips.

Beacon Hill is the first and only retirement community in Illinois to be recognized as a Certified Center for Successful Aging(CSA) by Masterpiece Living®. Fewer than two dozen communities across the country hold this designation — an achievement based on resident and team member engagement, community culture and the integration of purposeful programming.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Masterpiece Living takes research-based findings and works with residents to develop a road map for protecting their future health. Empowering each individual to embrace four factors that affect their well-being — intellectual, physical, social and spiritual — rather than just one.

We begin with a Masterpiece Living review to explore your personal goals. Together, we’ll identify opportunities you can use to make the pursuit of multidimensional wellness a natural part of your everyday life. The choices are almost limitless and they’re always yours to make.

Request a community tour using the contact form on this page to learn more about why we want to help you live well and age successfully.

What determines how well you age? According to a landmark MacArthur Foundation study, lifestyle — even more than your genetic makeup — is the major determinant.